Moving nightmare: Kansas City family says movers stole all their belongings

It can be a personal hell for many, but your average nightmare moving experience could be worse. Just ask the Keith family. (Submitted)

Never has anyone ever said moving is fun.

It can be a personal hell for many, but your average nightmare moving experience could be worse. Just ask the Keith family.

Erica Keith posted a video on her Facebook page commiserating over the ordeal that has been her experience with a moving company called Public Moving and Storage.

The Keiths hired Public Moving and Storage to move their household items from Kansas City to Philadelphia. The movers came, loaded up the truck and left with the understanding their items would be stored for a month or so while the Keiths found a new home.

The problem was the truck never showed. Keith said the company kept giving her family excuses from bad weather to sick drivers, and the excuses didn’t stop coming until February when Keith says she couldn’t get in touch with the company.

The Keiths filed a police report with the Philadelphia Police Department. They also filed complaints with state attorney general’s offices in Missouri, Illinois, Pennsylvania and North Carolina

KCTV5 News found the company is based out of Illinois. According to the Illinois Attorney General’s Office, Public Moving and Storage has a total of 20 complaints filed against them since 2016.

The Illinois Attorney General’s Office tells KCTV5 it is not responsible for investigating interstate moving companies, the U.S. Department of Transportation released the following on Public Moving and Storage.

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KCTV5 also tried to contact Public Moving and Storage but was unable to get through on any listed phone numbers.

The Keiths feel fortunate insurance did cover a good part of their losses. The insurance valued it at about $58,000.

However, they still feel victimized by this moving company who put them through a nightmare, and as of now, has taken some of their most priceless irreplaceable belongings.

"Just all the precious things that we had, we’ll never see those things again,” Keith said. “If they could just set our sentimental things aside somewhere just drop them off somewhere and leave a random email from a blocked email address. That would mean the world to me to get those items back.”

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