Police are continuing to investigate to determine if there was any foul play or a medical issue after the death of an 11-month-old boy at a KCK daycare.

The child's family said that Giovanni Jaraleno had no major health issues when he was dropped off at daycare Tuesday morning.

"Giovanni was an amazing little boy. Tried to keep up with older brothers. At 11-months-old he was walking, full of life. He had a smile that could light up a room," the infant's mother, Josie Sembler, told KCTV5's Sandra Olivas on Wednesday morning.

Sembler said she dropped off her son and his two older brothers at the Advantage Child Care Center at 55th Street and Metropolitan Avenue like she had done many times before, but Tuesday as she was leaving work, she got a frantic call from the staff that Giovanni had stopped breathing during nap time.

Kansas City, KS, Fire Department Deputy Fire Chief Craig Duke said staff at Advantage Child Care Center were waking the children from a nap when they noticed the baby was unresponsive.

Paramedics rushed the boy to the University of Kansas Hospital about 5 p.m. Tuesday.

Giovanni's mother immediately drove to the hospital, but there was nothing doctors could do.

"All I know is that they were actively working CPR, but there wasn't nothing more. He was already pronounced dead when we arrived at the hospital," she said.

Sembler said Giovanni had just turned 11 months on Tuesday, and they were looking forward to his first birthday next month.

"Now, instead of a party, we are planning a funeral. It's just a nightmare," she said.

State records show that the daycare was cited earlier this year for failing to adequately train staff members on safe sleep practices for children.

Sembler said she trusts the staff at the daycare and considers them like family.

"So many emotions. So many thoughts. Right now, we have to leave up to the police and for the investigation. Never imagined I would get this phone call, especially on the day he turned 11 months. All we can do is sit here and ask what happened," Sembler said.

She also said she is not rushing to conclusions. She is just waiting to find out what the autopsy reveals about why her son died.

Police on scene refused comment but investigators were seen loading several items, including a pack-n-play crib, into their evidence van.

Police said they haven't responded to any calls from the daycare recently.

KCTV5 reviewed the state's recent evaluation of the Advantage Child Care Center and learned that in March they had been cited for several violations. Those violations included failing to have their staff trained on safe sleep practices and sudden infant death syndrome education.

The review also showed that at least five staff members did not have documentation of pediatric first aid and CPR.

But the state said the daycare got the issues corrected by March 30 and were in compliance.

Christina Casper with the Wyandotte County Health Department educates families about SIDS and making sure infants always sleep on their back. She said SIDS is more common with younger infants.

"I think typically it doesn't happen until 11 months, it mostly happens at two or four months when they are starting to roll over and not just lay on their backs," Casper said.

KCTV5's Julie Kellogg and DeAnn Smith contributed to this report.

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