Many people at the View High Lake Apartments were cleaning up a giant mess after thieves snuck through a gate and smashed out more than 40 car windows.

“When I came outside this morning, my entire window was in my front seat,” Matt Ludlum.

Ludlum and his neighbors at woke up to piles of broken glass all over their parking lot. Someone had broken into Ludlum's car and dozens of other cars overnight.

“I don't think anybody should want to steal,” he said.

Kansas City police told KCTV5 News that the thieves did thousands of dollars worth of damage, but that they didn't actually steal very much.

Ludlum said they only took a bag out of his truck and dropped it on the other side of the lot. They even missed his thousand-dollar welder in the back.

“I don't think these were very smart people,” he said.

Ludlum thinks the thieves got through the security gate by waiting for someone to exit or by simply walking around it. Signs on the property said there are video cameras at the apartments.

“One day you'll get caught and you'll go to jail for it,” Ludlum said.

He said his insurance will cover the damage to his vehicle, but he cautions the person who broke it not to try it again.

“If you're the one trying to steal from us, don't come poking around,” he said.

The KCPD said they are working with the apartment complex to find the people responsible.

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