Are you ready for more snow? There is more in the forecast Thursday morning! And some of us could see even more snow Saturday evening. Let’s go over the set up.

First up, Thursday’s storm. It’s a small, fast moving low pressure area, that Wednesday night, was over South Dakota.

WB 12518 1.png

These systems are often referred to as “Alberta Clippers”. Why? Because they originate in the Canadian province of Alberta and move quickly like an old-time Clipper ship from the America’s maritime period. This “storm” will drag a strong cold front through Missouri and Kansas early Thursday morning. A combination of rain, sleet and snow is expected to develop right along the front and very close to metro Kansas City. Here’s a look the surface map Thursday morning.

WB 12518 2.png

The timing couldn’t be worse. Sleet and snow, even if it’s light, could make for slick highways and streets right at the height of the morning rush hour. One piece of data suggests we could pick up a half inch to two inches of snow out of this quick mover. But the most likely scenario would be for less than an inch of snow to fall. But sometimes a little bit of snow can create a lot of chaos.

WB 12518 3.png

This system is gone by the afternoon, so any light snow that falls will likely melt causing the streets to be wet. Patchy icy spots may redevelop overnight as the temperatures crash into the lower teens Friday morning. Okay so that’s Thursday’s storm. There is a bigger one taking aim on the southern plains for the weekend. Let’s go back to the satellite picture and look at the storm off the California coast.

WB 12518 4.png

This is a larger, better organized storm. Check out the tropical connection to this storm. The stream of clouds running from the bottom of the screen into Texas and New Mexico. That looks like a potential set-up for an ice storm. Warm, moist air overrunning cold, subfreezing air. And there will be very cold air spreading all the way into southern Texas Friday morning and Friday night. Just when that storm is forecast to arrive. As of Wednesday night there are Winter Storm Watches posted for parts of Texas and Oklahoma.

WB 12518 5.png

Two to six inches of snow are forecast in this area with an additional quarter inch of ice. That would make travel treacherous. If you have to travel to west Texas or western Oklahoma leave before Friday morning so you get there safely.

This storm likely won’t have a huge impact on Kansas City. Below is a surface projection for Saturday morning. Some light snow may spread as far north as Garnett, KS and Clinton, MO by Saturday night but it probably wouldn’t be enough snow to shovel. The high pressure area between Des Moines and Chicago should feed enough dry air into our region to keep the snow from advancing farther north.

WB 12518 6.png

I know the graphic above makes snow lovers jealous of our neighbors to the south. But we’ve had our fair share of snow. The National Weather Service tells me that through December 5th, our 8.1 inches of snow so far this season is the 8th most on record. The most? 21.2 inches of snow all the way back in 1898! We won’t break that record but it will likely snow again on Thursday. Are you ready for more snow?

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