MoDOT warns of refreezing as crews monitor roads overnight for slick spots

There were 200 dump trucks out salting roads Thursday morning. Now, crews are in the monitoring phase and only salting areas as needed. (MoDOT Kansas City/Twitter)

Its a well-oiled machine at the Missouri Department of Transportation's KC Scout Traffic Operations Center where staff is monitoring multiple cameras for any problems on the roads.

There were 200 dump trucks out salting roads Thursday morning. Now, crews are in the monitoring phase and only salting areas as needed.

A spokesperson for MoDOT says they did have some issues on the roads, but it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. They said Jackson County roads are improving because the rain stopped, so they’ve shifted resources to the Northland because rain lasted longer in that area.

Hardly anything on the roads on 635, but once you venture onto other roadways, you run into a bit more activity leftover...make sure you're taking it slow on the roads @KCTV5— Ashley Arnold (@AshleyKCTV5) January 11, 2018

Customer service representatives have been busy all day taking calls and updating their traveler information map. They're doing so while monitoring roads and staying in contact with 200 crews out in the field to see what conditions are like.

“They know if there (are) any incidents. If we see a problem on the cameras, we’re able to convey that information out to the field ... and then we can check it out more closely and then put some materials down because out trucks can’t be everywhere all the time. They’re moving constantly," district maintenance engineer Lynelle Luther said.

Crews will be out overnight to take care of any refreezing, so remember to give the trucks plenty of space because they'll be out salting the roads as needed.

"Give the dump trucks plenty of room," Luther said. "They need room to maneuver and they also have pretty big blind spots, so just drive carefully, drive slowly, and expect that there might be some frozen patches on the road somewhere."

Tips for how to drive in snow and ice. Stay safe and take it slow today.— Kansas City, MO (@KCMO) January 11, 2018

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