Man sentenced to 28 years for brutal attack


A man who admitted to attacking a Prairie Village woman in her own home was sentenced Monday.

The handyman attacker tried to change his guilty plea at the last second, but the judge denied the request.

Instead the judge sentenced Brian Pennington to 28 years in prison for the brutal knife attack of a Prairie Village mother.

"When this first happened, I was thinking an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. I wanted to get my hands on you so bad," said the victim's father Stephen Gill.

The first man to address the court at sentencing was Gill.

They were followed by powerful words by the victim's son that echoed the feelings of some of their family that filled the Johnson County courtroom.

"I hope you find your peace in jail as only God can judge you, as my family feels it should be solely spent in jail knowing you can no longer hurt anyone else," said the victim's son, Stephen Kirby.

Pennington, 27, pleaded guilty to charges that included attempted first-degree murder stemming from a September 2010 attack.

The victim, Marti Hill, was badly beaten and stabbed multiple times. She was discovered barely alive.

"It was very crazy. It does not make sense and hopefully, victims of domestic violence can speak out ... if he could have understood how bad he was this may not have happened," she said.

Pennington, a handyman by trade, completed work days before at the Hill's home in Prairie Village.

Inexplicably, he drove more than an hour from his Missouri home, knocked on the door and lashed out at her.

One of the knife lashes came one millimeter from a major artery. The prosecutor said it was a miracle she survived.

Hill says the ordeal has brought her closer to her family.

"It has been a tough and long journey, but we are all good," said Hill.

One of the judge's last comments before sentencing was made towards Pennington and said, "I guess we'll never know why."

Pennington chose not to speak in court other than to say he was pressured to make the guilty plea against his will.

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