A 23-year-old man faces first-degree murder charges in connection to the shooting of Elizabeth Richards.

Richards was shot and killed Jan. 6 in the 111th block of College Avenue.

Joseph Gonsalez is also charged with armed criminal action and endangering the welfare of a child.

The homicide happened around 11:15 a.m. on Saturday.

Officers discovered the body of Richards, which was bound with duct tape, according to court documents.

Her mother told police Gonsalez and Richards shared custody with a 2-year-old boy, who was nearby when the body was discovered by the suspect's mother.

Court records also state the mother could hear the defendant arguing with the victim over the phone and said she heard what she believed was a gunshot. Investigators discovered a gun inside the home, along with spent rounds.

Richards' family describes the 19-year-old woman someone who would do anything for her child, 2-year-old Jay.

It was Saturday when she brought Jay to the home of her ex, Jay’s father, Joseph Gonsalez.

Richards' family says she had plenty of rough times but always put a smile on sweet baby Jay’s face even when she struggled to put on her own.

They weren’t prepared to speak on camera, but wrote to us with this:“If there’s anything we could get across to other families it’s that if you or a loved one is going through warning signs of domestic violence, please speak out before it might be too late, and know that you are not and will never be alone.”Court documents made available also say video surveillance showed Gonsalez purchasing the duct tape at a local store the day before.

A $250,000 bond has been requested.

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