Man charged after taking pictures of people in Forever 21 changing rooms at Oak Park Mall

Anthony Delapp. (KCTV)

A man has been charged after taking pictures of people in the Forever 21 changing rooms at Oak Park Mall.

Anthony Delapp has been charged with two counts of breach of privacy.

According to the affidavit, police went to the store on Oct. 28 of last year.

When they arrived, they talked to a 15-year-old who said that she’d seen a cell phone on the ground while she was in a changing room and that was positioned as if to record or photograph the room.

She hadn’t consented to being filmed, so she took a picture of the phone. She also saw the man who owned it.

Officers looked at surveillance footage and connected that man to a red pickup truck that turned out to belong to Delapp.

On Dec. 9, the police went to the same store and talked to a 20-year-old who said that she was in the changing room when she saw a Samsung phone leaned up against clothes with the camera pointed toward her.

She also didn’t consent to being filmed and let store employees know she was being recorded.

Her mother then confronted the man and tried to take the phone away from him, but he ran away.

It was determined that person in the stall next to her was the same man from the Oct. 28 incident.

On Dec. 12, the police found Delapp at his house.

He confirmed that he was at the store in December and had gotten into a confrontation with a woman there. He confirmed the truck was his and that he was also at the store on Oct. 28.

Delapp denied, however, that he had filmed anyone without their consent. He said that the pictures taken in the changing room were of himself and were taken while he was trying on clothes.

When officers looked in his phone, they ultimately found 100 pictures that were taken in public changing rooms.

In at least six of them, females could be seen in the process of changing clothes in an adjoining room, where they were partially naked or wearing underwear.

“It is apparent that he individuals do not realize they are being photographed,” the affidavit said.

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