Police in Kansas City took a man into custody after he drove a truck through the storefront of a business near Westport early on Thursday morning.

The crash happened at about 2:45 a.m. at the Just Say Cash, located at 39th and Main Streets.

The driver was on Westport Road and tried to turn onto Main Street but didn't make it and ended up crashing his truck into the business.

"I got a call at 3 o’clock from ADT and they said, 'Your alarm is going off," said Dwight McQuade, who owns the business.

After the crash, the driver tried to back out, but couldn't. He was climbing out of his truck when the police arrived.

Officers took the driver into custody for drunk driving and took him to an area hospital with minor injuries.

A tow truck was then called to remove the truck.

McQuade said that police told him the driver was under the influence of alcohol.

He said that all he could do today was get the front entrance boarded up and call his insurance company.

He also said that nothing like this has ever happened over the 20 years he's been in business.

“You know, I thought it might happen when the streets were slippery and people were coming out of Westport Road," he said, "but nothing like that ever happens."

Officials who examined the building said it is structurally sound.

The business will be closed today and tomorrow. Unfortunately, the owner said that Fridays are typically his busiest day.

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