OVERLAND PARK, KS (KCTV) – Locals flock to Overland Park Convention Center on Sunday for largest pet expo in the state of Kansas.

It’s the biggest expo in the state of Kansas.

Besides adoptions, the expo focused on educating people on the issues affecting all types of animals.

“With the parrots, a lot of them will outlive their owners,” said Kosta Gregory, a volunteer at the pet expo.

Gregory explained the birds can live up to 80 years old and can outlive their owners which can affect them.

“The biggest trauma for them is going home to home and some of them tend to pluck their feathers – self mutilation,” proclaimed Gregory.

He aims to raise more awareness by creating plans for families who decide to adopt these colorful pets into their family.

Others wanted the same for donkeys.

“Donkeys you wouldn’t think, especially in a big metropolitan area like Kansas City, that there would be a need. But there really is, we rehoused close to 200 donkeys now since 2011,” explained Scott Shehan, Director of Lusco Farms.

Shehan says he’s trying to bring awareness to finding homes for donkeys who outlive their owners.

He also adds they're no different from dogs and cats and controlling the pet population is encouraged.

Breeding was also a big part of the discussion.

One expert explained how Kansas and Missouri are among the worst in the nation for puppy mills.

“Missouri is the puppy mill capital in the entire world. We are close to 900 puppy mills and that equals about 50 thousand breeding dogs in those facilities,” voiced Mindi Callison, Executive Director and Founder of Bailing Out Benji.

The expo also served to educate owners on health services provided for their pets locally, and as well as how to keep their pets safe.

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