BOURBON, Mo. ( -- A fire chief is off the job in Crawford County after getting physical with police during a traffic stop and all of it was caught on dashboard cameras.

Daniel Whatley, the fire chief of the Bourbon Fire Protection District, was one of three people in a silver SUV that was speeding and blew through a stop sign last Friday.

Officers with the Bourbon Police Department activated their lights and caught up to the SUV. The dash camera picked up the following conversation: 

Officer: Stay in the car gentleman.

Whatley: Don't be barking at me mother******. Who are you?

Officer: I'm a police officer.

Whatley: I'm the ****ing fire chief in this town.

Officer: So why are you driving so fast and why are you calling me a mother*****?

Whatley repeatedly curses at the officer and you can hear him say he's the fire chief. Then he asks the officer another question:

Whatley: How long have you worked in this town?

The bourbon officer then calls for back up. For several minutes it seemed calmer until one of the officers seems to strike a nerve.

Officer: So you guys are saying you're volunteer firefighters here?

Whatley: Volunteer firefighters? ****you.

From that point, they fought. The dash cam shows an officer with a taser in his hand while trying to fend off a woman who police say was also in the SUV.

For several minutes, two officers struggle to cuff Whatley on the ground.

Another dash cam angle shows officers trying to get the other two people under control, at one point an officer using force.

Eventually officers were able to get Whatley in cuffs and put him into the squad car.

The Bourbon Fire Protection District said Chief Whatley is suspended pending further investigation of serious charges. Those charges include second-degree assault, resisting arrest and armed criminal action. 

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