OVERLAND PARK, KS (KCTV) -- We’ve learned more about a Black Lives Matter protest in Overland Park that resulted in four arrests on a neighborhood street.

A video from Friday night showing homeowners confronting the protesters has circulated a lot online. It was that confrontation that initiated police to come and eventually make arrests.

The city of Overland Park said their police department reached out an organizer of the protest, which was set to start at Johnson County Community college on Friday, and asked for protestors to stay out of the streets.

They said some bicycle officers were monitoring the march. However, when conflict started between those marching and homeowners, more officers had to respond.

The video was streaming on Facebook Live for hundreds to see.

The Overland Park Police Department was watching it and the city said that video is what spurred a group of standby officers to respond to 116th Street and Quivira Road.

KCTV5 wanted to speak with the homeowners in the video, but they didn’t come to the door when we knocked.

Neighbor Tim Paitchek watched the marchers walk by his neighbor’s house from his own porch.

“They were trying to provoke people,” he said. “I mean, this is a quiet subdivision. Why are they here? What are they trying to prove? I don’t know.”

Paitchek supports his neighbors who confronted the protestors.

“Oh definitely, yeah,” he said. “Because there was a crowd and they were being obnoxious.”

Other neighbors saw things differently, though.

“It was absolutely nonviolent,” Eric Smoyer said. “There were no weapons being brandished or anything. I do feel kind of the response seemed a little bit excessive and really exacerbated the situation. They were probably outnumbered 2 to 1 by the authorities here.”

Smoyer recorded his own video from in front of his home. It shows police making two arrests.

The man on the ground is 26-year-old Darrien Richmond. The woman is Darrien’s wife. They were among the four arrests made that night.

Darrien is now charged with battery on a police officer. Overland Park’s city spokesperson said an officer suffered cuts and abrasions when confronting Darrien.

The other three protestors arrested were charged with misdemeanors related to not staying on the sidewalk.

“They were really sticking to the sidewalk, or close to the side of the street or whatever,” Smoyer said. “Honestly, I feel if they had been allowed to really just keep going, they probably would’ve been like, ‘OK. We got a message out there. We’ve done it,’ and moved on.”

Smoyer and all the other neighbors there told KCTV5 it is a racially diverse and usually quiet neighborhood.

Regardless of how each person views the situation, it was a shock to have police in riot gear responding to their streets.

That march was organized by two different groups with the goal of bringing awareness to systemic racism and racial profiling in Johnson County.

Overland Park said all officers responding had body cameras.

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It is interesting that you have a reporter interviewing a local “witness” to the protests and neither is a person of color. Also interesting that their take was that is was “obnoxious” and wondered “what are they trying to prove”. Maybe this is part of the problem??? Why not interview someone who was part of the protest and ask what they were doing and why to get the what and the why....just my thoughts.

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