ST. CHARLES, MO (KMOV) -- A Missouri state senator wants to end personal property tax on your car.

State Senator Bill Eigel says it’s time to end the payments. He sponsored the bill, SJR 44, which would ask voters to approve a constitutional amendment prohibiting counties and other political subdivisions from levying or collecting a tax on personal property.

His bill is currently being considered in a committee.

Eigel's selling point is that money saved by taxpayers will be spent to bolster the economy.

The state legislature is on break until January 8th.

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So, the poor counties, who already struggle to keep their heads above water, would end up drowning in more debt, and being unable to do things with the money they would no longer be getting. Sounds like another step towards trying to beat Kansas on the road to bankruptcy.

Do I love paying taxes? No, not really. But I know the money goes towards helping my own county. And that's why I say, go ahead, keep this tax in place. Please. My county needs it!


I pay enough taxes, if your county needs more money then feel free to give it to them. Personally I am all for eliminating this tax

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