Memorial before and after

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Police in Kansas City are investigating who damaged a local lynching memorial.

The historic marker plaque once stood at Case Park, which is next to the Garment District and the West Bottoms.

The plaque itself was cut from its pole and thrown over the hill and down a cliff.

“This is a sacred space. We do not take its destruction lightly. It is part of our continuing struggle to acknowledge our history, and advocate for a better future,” Rod Chapel, President of the Missouri NAACP, observed.  “We do not deface churches or graveyards or other holy places.” 

kc lynching memorial vandalized_frame_1283.png

The lynching memorial plaque at Case Park was removed from its post and thrown over a hill and down a cliff.

On one side, it recalls the history of lynching in America. It shares the story of Levi Herrington on the other side, who was lynched in Kansas City in 1882.

KCTV5 News is still trying to find information about when it may have been damaged and when it could be repaired.

Because of how heavy the marker is and how far away it was thrown, the parks department says it will have to hire an outside company to retrieve it. They said it could cost around $2,000.

The department also said that the sign still appears to be in good shape, but they will have to put it on a new pole.

It was vandalized in Jan. 2019 with graffiti, as well.

The plaque was installed in Nov. 2018. Below is a video from just before it was unveiled.

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