TOPEKA, KS (KCTV) – Governor Laura Kelly is making it mandatory to wear a face covering in the state of Kansas starting July 3.

Governor Laura Kelly said in her weekly press conference that starting July 3 at 12:01 a.m., everyone in Kansas must wear a face covering.

Under the order, most Kansans must wear masks in stores and shops, restaurants, and in any situation in which social distancing of six-feet cannot be maintained, including outside.

More information will be released on Thursday such as specific guidance regarding under what circumstances masks must be worn. 

Similar guidelines were already schedule to take effect Tuesday in Wyandotte County, and Douglas County officials announced their own mask order to start Wednesday.

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(4) comments


So could someone please tell me when Kansas stopped being a representative government, and transitioned to a politburo, where the citizens of Kansas are no longer governed by law, but rather, are managed/controlled, by dictate and decree?


WOW! What cowards. I posted a comment on Kellys current dictate, simply stating FACTS and it was deleted. Lol. Cowards. Typical leftist move...terrified of the truth...so of course it has to be done away with.


Lol! My body my choice!


So, please, enlighten me. From what authority (for you brain-dead, liberal retards, that means LAW) does Gubnor Kelly assume the power to rule by dictate or decree? You see, this is still a Constitutional Republic. And that means that we are a society that conducts itself by the rule of LAW (NOT decree, nor dictate). Under our form of government LAW comes from the legislature. Gubnor Kelly is NOT in the legislative branch. She is the head of the executive branch, whose responsibility it is to enact and enforce the action of the legislature, NOT usurp the power of the legislature. We still have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights. As desperately as Kelly wants it, this is NOT a state of dictatorship.

Come on, people...WAKE UP! She does NOT have the legal backing to rule by dictate and decree.

You cannot stop the cold virus during cold season. You cannot stop the flu virus during flu season. They simply have to run their course. And likewise, you cannot stop this virus, with sanitizer, or hand washing, or social distancing, or masks. Sorry - but that's the truth. It simply has to run its course.

Illness, sickness, and yes, death, are a part of the life cycle. That cannot be altered, changed or avoided. Time to grow up. Accept life on life's terms, and move forward...WITHOUT all the government oversight and coddling, lieing, manipulating, and maneuvering for control of YOUR freedom and life.

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