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KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) – A grand jury indicted a Kansas City Police Department officer with assault in connection with an incident involving a teen in November of last year.

During a news conference Friday, county prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said Sgt. Matthew T. Neal was charge with third-degree assault, a felony.

Peters Baker said Neal inured the 15-year-old by kneeing him in the back of the head and neck and forcing the juvenile’s head to the pavement. The indictment said the teen was saying “I can’t breathe” during the altercation, and the victim sustained broken teeth and a gash to the head.

The incident took place near 51st and Troost Avenue around 10:40 p.m. on November 14, 2019. Officers said they saw the victim and another male in a nearby store and attempted to stop them, but the two fled until they reached the restaurant parking lot where the incident happened.

Court documents said the two exited the vehicle they were in with their hands above their heads and got on their knees. The indictment states Neal was the first on scene and was in charge of taking the 16-year-old into custody.

The indictment goes on to state that while Neal and another officer were lifting up the 15-year-old, who court records indicate was cooperating, Neal forced his knee into the victim’s neck, driving his face into the ground and pinning him to the pavement.

After other officers saw the victim’s injuries, the teen was taken to Children’s Mercy Hospital for treatment.

"I’d like to remind everyone that our victim was a 15-year-old passenger who was cooperative with police,” Peters Baker said in a statement. “He ended up in Children’s Mercy Hospital with a gash on his head and broken front teeth. I hope all involved in this case and our community will rally around this victim and support him."

Even though the incident happened in November, the case did not go in front of a grand jury until June 12.

Peters Baker said she was not made aware of the incident until the spring of 2020. In a release she noted she is calling for an independent system for these incidents to be reported but is asking the public for now to contact the prosecutor’s office with any reports of excessive force or misconduct by officers.

"We know the playbook. We’ve seen it before. The playbook is to make the victim appear to be a bad person. Someone who deserved this rough treatment," Peters Baker said.

Following the prosecutor's new conference, KCPD Chief Rick Smith issued a statement, saying after the department became aware of the November incident, it was investigated by the department's Office of Community Complaints and the Internal Affairs Unit.

After those internal reviews, Smith said the case was forwarded to county and federal prosecutors and the FBI, per standard protocol.

The chief said Neal, who has been with the KCPD for 18 years and is currently assigned to the patrol bureau, has been on administrative leave since the internal investigation was completed and will stay on leave until the case is settled.

"As Chief of Police, when matters that raise concern come to my attention, it’s my responsibility to ensure they are appropriately investigated and that those investigations are turned over for possible further proceedings in the criminal justice process," Smith said in the statement.

Brad Lemon, the President of the Kansas City Fraternal Order of Police, issued this statement: 

The Lodge has been made aware of charges filed against Sgt. Matthew Neal.  The Lodge supports Sgt. Neal and believes that his actions were justified under the totality of the circumstances.  We will support our brother as this matter proceeds to court, where we are confident that he will be ultimately exonerated. 

Calls from some to fire Smith continued Friday night following news of the indictment. 

A group gathered outside of the Kansas City Police Department's headquarters. 

The group also called or justice for the 15-year-old. 

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There looked like there were about 10 people and a BLM table with one person manning that .That doesnt seem like much of protest to " Demand" Police Chief Smith being fired.10 or 11 people are not enough to represent our Great Cities wants.I dont normally defend the police.But this is ridiculous.The police got new orders in the past cple months.That is ACTION .Swift change.The Chief Smith put them into action exactly as written.So whats the point of implementing change if when swift effective, big action is put into law and the police abide by it exactly some people and the BLM movement then want to remove the Police that are doing exactly right? There was a man in the video saying he was backed in what he was demanding by all of these groups one of which is the N.A.A.C.P. demending Cpt.Smith removed.I dont believe that guy is telling the truth.I dont believe the N.A.A.C.P. would back that I dont believe hes speaking for them.That organazation at least,I dont know about the others he named off, but that huge organization investigates and weighs fairly what they support.I dont think that man was telling the truth when you interviewed him with his "demands" either.I hear and read such a multitude of people who say the media never tells anyones but the BLM movement organization or democrats newstories because it doesnt meet your whatever.kctv5 : Does that include you? I am looking at this with a few people, a BLM movement organization table and rep. and a man demanding the Police Sgt.doing exactly what Big Very Fast Effective Major Change in policy that was wanted and needed by our community, he implements that & Instead of a news story about how positive it is that that is in place and the Police Chief and Police are implementing that New Change and so in that new process of sending brutality complaints for these outside agencys to follow up and investigate theirselves that charges were filed ....showing success of the new change, heres a negative all around story that with so few people "protesting w 1 BLM person and the otner guy not sounding credible, Im wondering when I can see some support in those Making positive important changes ? Our city has alot of issues every bit as important to the lives safety and future of all of our community needing our attention

and focus and yours kctv5.Id appreciate some support for the Positive and when we havs some its ridiculous for protesters to act like these Huge Major Costly Immediate E]ffective Changes and whatever else is being done doesnt matter and keep running stuff in the ground like it isnt ever going to be enough .Because it ~ is ~ enough sometimes.Like this time.

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