JACKSON COUNTY, MO (KCTV) -- Over 30 charges against a Kansas City tow truck company owner have been dropped by the Jackson County Prosecutor's Office.

Charges against Allen T. Bloodworth were dismissed Tuesday after a recording "purported to be of a 2019 phone conversation in which Kansas City Police Department sergeant Brad Lemon" was turned over to attorneys, according to court documents.

Charges against Allen T. Bloodworth were dismissed Tuesday after a recording "purported to be of a 2019 phone conversation in which Kansas City Police Department sergeant Brad Lemon" was turned over to attorneys, according to court documents.

Bloodworth, in September 2019, was charged with 31 counts of forgery in the case.

According to a transcript released by the prosecutor's office, Lemon, also president of the Kansas City Fraternal Order of Police, mentioned Bloodworth's past criminal investigation after Bloodworth apparently towed the vehicle of a relative. 

Here is the letter of dismissal from the Jackson County Prosecutor's Office

“Mr. Lemon’s words, invoked in the name of KCPD and the Fraternal Order of Police, combined with his documented receipt of information regarding Defendant, undermines the integrity of the investigation, exposes all officers in this case to accusations of substantial partiality, and negatively impacts the credibility of the State’s evidence and the testimony of its primary witness,” the prosecutor's office said in a statement on Wednesday.

A transcript of the call, according to court documents: 

Defendant: …Service.

Brad Lemon: Hey this is Brad Lemon out of Kansas City Police Department. I’m, uhh, president of the police union. I got a phone call from my niece that says you guys towed our family’s car from Two Light and now you’re requiring us to go get a…

Defendant: We’re requiring you to comply with the law to get the car back, correct. The owner of the vehicle is someone’s grandmother or something?

Brad Lemon: Yeah she’s two hundred miles away.

Defendant: Ok. The Kansas City Missouri Tow Lot wouldn’t release him the car the way the circumstance are now, so I don’t know why we would. Umm, you have to be the registered owner of the car.

Brad Lemon: She’s 91 dude. There’s no way we can do that.

Defendant: Ok. I sent whoever called earlier a notarized power of attorney that will allow them to have her sign and notarize it, and then a third-party can pick up the car.

Brad Lemon: So, didn’t we investigate you at property crimes a couple years ago for felonies for doing stuff like this?

Defendant: You mean I was exonerated because you guys have a rogue cop that likes to jack with people, and OCC…

Brad Lemon: It’s game on.

Defendant: OCC or whatever, what do you mean it’s game on?

Brad Lemon: We’ll start the same routine with you then.

Defendant: What do you mean you’ll start the same routine with me?

Brad Lemon: I guarantee I’m going to talk to (unintelligible), this is going to be the last you tow them.

Defendant: What’s your name sir?

Brad Lemon: Brad Lemon, I’m the president of the police union. You can file whatever you want to file.

Defendant: Ok so, you’re telling me because I’m trying to comply with the law and make sure I release the…

Court documents also say the Kansas City Police Department produced a June 15, 2019 email between another police officer and Lemon.

Documents state that it "appeared that some offline communication occurred between Mr. Lemon and at least one other member of KCPD regarding the Defendant."

The Kansas City Police Department provided a statement to KCTV5 News on Tuesday: 

Today we were made aware of charges being dropped in the case of Allen Bloodworth. This has been attributed in part to an interaction with one of our employees. This matter will be investigated in compliance with our current policies and procedures. To be clear, today was the first time we were made aware of our member being involved in the decision to drop charges. This will be investigated.

When prosecutors filed charges against Bloodworth in September 2019, the prosecutor’s office issued a news release alleging that an investigation by Kansas City police detectives found Bloodworth and his employees at Private Party Impound LLC were illegally towing abandoned vehicles from private property by forging signatures of two local property managers on Department of Revenue forms.

In 2019, KCTV5 News spoke to John Speakman by phone. “He was using my name,” Speakman said in 2019.

According to court records Speakman did not give permission for his signature to be used to tow 30 vehicles in 2017. “Angry yeah because I've spent a lot of years building a good name for myself,” Speakman said at the time.

On Tuesday, Bloodworth’s attorney Dan Ross said the comments made during the recorded phone call were improper. He applauded the decision by prosecutors to dismiss the charges filed against his client.

“When you deal with the police you expect them to be professional, which most of our Kansas City officers are, this was not a professional interaction,” Ross said. “It was following my client’s receipt of that, which I think he considered to be a threat, that bad things happened, including a search of his residence where his dog was killed by a shot fired by a police officer.”

A spokesperson for the FOP said they were unaware of this situation. They declined a request for an on-camera interview.

According to the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office, the matter has been referred to law enforcement for further review. On Tuesday, a spokesperson for the prosecutor’s office also declined a request for an on-camera interview.

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