Lee's Summit North student disciplined for racist blog


The Lee's Summit School District announced Tuesday that disciplinary action has been taken against a student who started a racist blog.

Lee's Summit North High School students were abuzz last Friday about the blog called North Press. The website's 40 pages of racially insensitive rants were scrubbed after KCTV5 began investigating Friday morning.

The school district on Tuesday would not say what punishment the student received or whether school property was used.

Lee's Summit police are also investigating to determine whether any threats or intimidating comments were made that would violate state law.

The N-word was repeatedly used on the blog. Racially offensive language peppered posts. One of the least inflammatory posts said African-Americans "are your typical trash of the world. They're pretty lazy and you'll want to shoot yourself after being in the presence of one after a certain amount of time."

Parent Evelyn Briscoe is highly offended by the blog.

"On this website they specifically named Lee's Summit North High School. They actually spell out Lee's Summit North High and specifically target people at the school," she said.

After receiving a telephone call from her daughter about the site, she called the high school principal to demand swift punishment against the student behind the blog.

"He should be expelled from the district. This is a type of hate crime that could cause a lot of conflict and a lot of problems between other kids in the school," she said."

The district believes it has identified the student behind the blog. The district has blocked the site from district computers and is working to determine if the student used a district computer to make posts and what disciplinary action to take.

Lee's Summit North students said freedom of speech is an important tenet of our nation's founding, but that spewing hateful speech is unacceptable.

Manuel Rucker, 16, said freedom of speech does not allow specific students to be defamed and slandered.

"Everybody can have their freedom of speech, they can say whatever they want but when it comes to people sometimes you cross the line and say too much," said 16-year-old Alyssa Asper.

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