LEE'S SUMMIT, MO (KCTV) – You're more likely to see coyotes this time of year because it's just before mating season.

They do hide out all over the metro area especially in the more secluded parts of the metro.

But a Lee's Summit family was shocked to see them trot right up to their backyard fence.

The view into the woods is nice from Terri and Larry Lee's backyard patio.

“Deer occasionally, and squirrels,” said Terri Lee.

But late last week, the wildlife crept a little too close.

“My husband came running inside the house and said, "where are the dogs?" voiced Terri Lee.

“I looked out and I saw two coyotes running around in our backyard,” expressed Larry Lee.

Big coyotes as a matter of fact.

“They were well fed,” exclaimed Larry Lee.

“They looked like big German Shepherds, but they were coyotes,” proclaimed Terri Lee.

That's when Terri pulled out her phone.

“They were very at home, looked like they'd been here their whole life,” said Terri Lee.

She watched them for hours playing in the snow and trotting around the grassy meadow outside their fence.

“I was kind of in awe of seeing them so close, but you have to snap back to reality and realize that they were predators,” voiced Terri Lee.

The couple worried about their little Boston Terriers and neighborhood kids who play out there.

“I don't want them snatching their babies” expressed Terri Lee.

Terri called animal control and several wildlife experts who told her to not let the feral canines get to cozy.

“They said, make it as unpleasant as possible so they won't want to come back,” exclaimed Terri Lee.

That meant making some noise.

Banging pots seemed to do the trick.

“Oh, I may have banged them too hard, I see a dent,” proclaimed Terri Lee.

They haven't seen them since.

“It's probably as close as I've gotten to a coyote in a long time,” said Larry Lee.

And they hope they don't get that close again.

“Be aware of what's in your environment. Just because you have a fence doesn't mean your pets are safe,” voiced Terri Lee.

The Missouri Department of Conservation recommends a similar approach to the Lee's, if you're trying to get rid of coyotes try banging pots or shouting at them, but don't try to shoot or trap them yourself.

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