KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) – Power and Light has a 100-foot heated tent they set up for people to line up to get into the venue. That one is a new addition this year.

They sold 5,000 tickets but not everyone shows up before 10.

On the ceiling is the ball they will be dropping at midnight.

KCTV5 saw them testing out a smoke machine earlier Monday.

And the whole place is lined with faux crystal strings to reflect the light of a disco ball.

To keep folks warm, they’ve added some stand heaters and they have heaters up on the roof.

People were bundled up and dressed to the nines, a real variety.

KCTV5 checked in with some folks arriving early a couple hours ago, and, since personal resolutions are so cliché, our reporter asked what they hoped others would resolve to do in 2019.

“I think if people just kept working hard and trying to accomplish their life’s goals and their life’s dreams,” said Garrett Giles.

“One of my own New Year’s resolutions is just to have more confidence in myself which is definitely something that I wish for other people,” voiced Hannah Chilcott.

“Get along a little better and quit fighting each other over stupid politics,” explained Marshall Whitmore.

“It’s always a big deal to go to the gym and do something but maybe step up and do the right thing and actually do something,” said Jordan Hanson.

“I don’t have any expectations from anyone. I want to be good and a little more helpful for everyone,” voiced Navuia Manda.

“Be kind. Give to other people. Take care of each other,” exclaimed Renee Elsasser.

“Be more generous,” added Cris Morris.

“I would like to see other people in the new year root for the Kansas City Chiefs. Go Chiefs,” said Darion Ross.

If you haven’t left yet, here are some trip home tips from Uber.

You know to look for your driver, but in a crowd help your driver find you by describing anything unusual you’re wearing - a bright jacket, a sequined skirt.

And besides looking for the make and model, check the driver photo on the app as well to be sure it matches with the person whose car you’re getting in to.

There is a designated pickup area at P&L.

There will be a high surge in pricing and a wait.

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