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KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) – Police officials say an officer inadvertently lost some of the cremated remains of a suspect’s grandmother during a search of the man.

According to the Kansas City Police Department, officers were investigating a multi-state ring of auto dealership burglaries on May 30.

The officers said they saw the suspect, identified as Deonta Words, operating a pickup truck that had been reported stolen. The officers attempted to take Words into custody, at which time he resisted his arrest and ran from officers.

Words was eventually taken into custody after a foot chase, and the arresting officers reported that he refused to give his name and was verbally abusive. The arresting officer completed a search of Words according to department policy, during which time the officers found him to be in possession of marijuana.

The officer also observed a necklace around Words’ neck with a bullet attached to it. The bullet appeared to open by unscrewing.

The officer unscrewed the bullet to examine the contents, which is when police say a portion of the ashes accidentally fell out.

Words told the officer the contents of the bullet were his grandmother’s ashes, and KCPD officials said the officer apologized and attempted to reclaim the ashes as best as he could off the ground.

The officers also learned there were two Kansas City, Missouri, warrants and a Lee’s Summit warrant for Words arrest.

Police said Monday that the incident was an accident, adding that the department recognizes that many people carry sentimental ashes with them in various containers. Therefore, officers ask that people inform police of the contents of any container of sentimental value prior to searching if they are under arrest.

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