The Kansas City Police Department says they are reviewing the conduct of their officers after multiple officers appeared to beat a man while he was being arrested at the end of a dangerous car chase on Wednesday.

Police say the incident started at 10 a.m. when the suspect approached the victim in his vehicle in the 8700 block of Winner Road.

Officers say the suspect pushed a gun into the stomach of the victim and said, "Get out or I'm going to kill you."

The suspect then drove away in the victim's vehicle. The victim later admitted that he was in the area to buy drugs when he was carjacked.

As police were interviewing the victim, the suspect drove back by the crime scene, and the police chase began.

The chase lasted about 30 minutes, as the suspect sped on the interstate, in neighborhoods, and, at times, going the wrong way down streets. He was also down to three tires, weaving in and out of yards.

Things got intense when the suspect drove into a park at Ninth Street and Utley Avenue. The suspect sped down the grass, passed a playground and into a wooded area.

About 30 minutes into the chase, the suspect finally jumped out of the vehicle and started running on foot. He took off on a pedestrian bridge and then hit the ground.

Officers were right behind him and jumped on top of the man, hitting him and putting him in handcuffs.

Police say they are reviewing all aspects of the incident, including whether the actions of the arresting officers adhere to department policy.

The man later admitted to police that he was high on methamphetamine while running from officers.

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