KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Police say they dropped the investigation for the same reason they would in any other case and it has nothing to do with the accused being a celebrity.

But it’s not clear if Hunt’s celebrity status stopped mandatory reporters from calling police the night of the alleged assault. If that’s the case, then somebody broke the law.

Police say he changed his mind after coming forward.

“Upon following up with the victim, he stated that he did not want to press charges. At that point in time, it becomes a closed investigation and an inactive case. So there would be no search for witnesses or investigative footage once the case is closed. Correct, you have to have a victim willing to press charges in order for an investigation to be carried out,” said Sargent Jacob Becchina, KCMO Police Department.

Police never requested video from the business or took witness statements. Becchina says that does not happen unless the victim is willing to participate in the investigation

But the question is whether the investigation would have been different had police been called the night of the alleged assault. The police report references security taking him outside the club after the incident.

“A private security officer is licensed through the city so there are requirements they must complete for their licensing to be valid,” explained Becchina.

As part of the licensing through the police department, security is required to report any crimes they witness.

KCTV5 found out the city has additional requirements for mosaic because it is a business with a liquor license.

City ordinance states there is a,

“Duty to report…. any licensee or an employee of the licensee knows or should have known that an unlawful or violent act has been committed upon or about the licensed premises, the licensee, or the employee, shall immediately report the occurrence to the director and the police department."

There are still a lot of questions and KCTV5 is following up to get those answers.

If employees of Mosaic did not report a witnessed assault, the business could have their liquor license reviewed and revoked. But it is not yet clear if any liquor license review happened.

As far as private security, both management at Power and Light and Mosaic did not respond to requests for info, confirming the presence of private security. KCTV5 is working to find out who may have been there, and who was legally obligated to report it.

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