KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV) -- While students enjoyed a day off from classes, others had no choice but to work in the snow.

KCTV5 caught up with Oscar Cruz just as he started working on his twelfth house.

He started digging his customers out at eight this morning.

“I’m really busy. everybody wants me to blow their snow, snow blow their driveway,” said Oscar Cruz, Owner, Oscar Lawn Care.

And he’s not the only who had to navigate snow covered streets.

KCK firefighters go on emergency calls in any weather, but they prepped their trucks to make sure they can get where they need to go safely.

“The side streets are terrible if we didn’t have chains on, it would be all over the place,” explained Nicholas Carvan, KCK Firefighter/Paramedic.

Carvan says they have about 60-80 seconds to get out of the garage at the fire house and on the street after they get an emergency call.

Those chains help the truck gain traction in the snow.

“They dig into the snow and ice as we’re going up and down the street and they allow us to get moving because if we stop on a hill, we’re never going to get going again without sliding back down,” proclaimed Carvan.

They had a list of other things to do too.

They shoveled the driveway to make sure they could get in and out, checked fire hydrants to make sure they weren’t frozen and cleared snow off boat ramps just in case they needed to do a water rescue.

“If we don’t that’s going to put us way behind when somebody calls 911, we don’t have time to put chains and everything on we’ve got to be ready when they call,” said Carvan.

He says they try not to keep the firetrucks out in cold weather for too long because the trucks water pump could freeze.

And they still must worry about their health.

“Hypothermia can be a problem with the cold water, with it being against your skin just like it being too hot and getting dehydrated,” explained Morris Letcher, Assistant Chief Public Information Officer.

Some side streets look like they still need to be plowed.

Just make sure you're driving safe if you're out tonight.

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