KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- The Thursday and Friday before Christmas and the day after are supposed to be the busiest travel days of the winter holiday season.

But travel at KCI is looking smooth.

“This is one of the busiest travel days of the year too, I don’t know maybe people are waiting till tomorrow to travel but today seems pretty easy,” said Jill Retz, Traveler.

Patrick and Susan O’Rourke stopped to check their flight status.

They say they showed up at the airport two hours before their flight and quickly realized they didn’t need that much time.

“We’ll see when we get to Denver then go from Denver to Salt Lake but so far it’s been pretty easy,” expressed Patrick O’Rourke.

People are getting through security pretty quickly too.

There are no long waits as you head to the plane.

Mark Diab is headed to Tahoe and says he’s seen worse at KCI.

“On Thanksgiving it was pretty busy, today it’s been fine, we got straight to the front of the line didn’t really have to wait much, so I don’t know what they’re doing to be a little more efficient but it sounds like it’s working,” explained Diab.

The Kansas City Aviation Department says about 584,000 people will come through this airport during the winter holiday period.

On peak days there will be about 37,000 people in and out of the airport.

A winter storm could affect travel in and out of the Midwest Thursday and into Friday for states to the north.

“Very very happy, no one wants to deal with that right so excited to avoid it as much as we can and not have to deal with it,” said Diab.

People are relieved they’ll miss the bad weather.

“We felt really lucky that we’re going to miss it so we should get out of here on time but there might be some people stranded here later,” said Retz.

About 45-million people will have flown from just before Christmas day to January 6th.

The next lightest day for travel is January 5th.

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