KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- When it comes to riding Bird or Lime scooters, the Kansas City Streetcar Authority is asking riders to 'Respect the Rail.'

The request is part of their newest campaign to promote transit safety while sharing the road.

Just like bicycles, the skinny wheels of the scooters can easily slip into the streetcar’s track groove. And that result could leave someone in danger or hurt.

The organization encourages riders to use bike lanes or another street without tracks to prevent that from happening altogether.

Because both scooters and the streetcar share the road, they also want to make sure people are not riding in front of or directly behind the streetcar.

If a scooter does get stuck, the streetcar authority asks that riders stand to the side of the scooter and lift it up out of the track as quickly as possible.

Kansas City Streetcar Authority Communications Director Donna Mandelbaum says the organization has not had any related incidents reported, yet, but the number of scooters on the roads are increasing and they want to get the word out now to make sure everyone stays safe.

“This is a serious safety issue. Electric scooters are new to Kansas City just like a streetcar is relatively new to Kansas City. We’re all here in this transit world together, and we all want to work together,” Mandelbaum said. “So, it is a vehicle (scooters), so we ask that you really play it safe, and no one gets hurt and we can all work together.”

Along with the safety concerns in the campaign, the streetcar authority wants scooter riders to know that it is perfectly fine to bring a scooter onto the streetcar.

They ask that riders find a space in the middle section where there are less seats.

The organization also asks scooter riders not to leave their temporary rides parked inside streetcar or on its loading platforms.

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