KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- It's something a lot of us take for granted this time of year.

You get home on a cold day and crank up the heat. But what if it's not working?

That's the reality one renter says he's facing and he says the problem only got worse when he tried to get it fixed.

The temperature in a house on Wayne Avenue dropped into the 30's.

The house will be warm Wednesday night for the first time in almost eight weeks.

The furnace was fixed within an hour after being called but the renter says he’s been calling for two months.

The temperature inside Owen McCarty’s house isn’t much different from being outside.

"The lowest I’ve seen the thermostat at is 37,” said McCarty.

McCarty says he found out his furnace wasn’t working back in November.

He says he called his landlord at Only Choice Property Management several times and even went to their offices in person.

“We’ve been over there a couple times and every time I go over there they said they would fix it that day but that never ended up happening,” McCarty said.

Within half an hour after a call from KCTV5, maintenance was at the house. The repair representative was shocked at how long McCarty had gone without heat.

“They called them this morning and that’s why you’re here,” voiced McCarty.

The furnace was fixed in under an hour and the property management company called KCTV5 back after. They explained they hadn’t been able to fix the issue sooner because they couldn’t get McCarty on the phone.

“With people like this I wouldn’t put them much above a slumlord,” McCarty expressed.

Online there’s no shortage of bad reviews of the company. McCarty says he’ll likely be moving when his lease is up at the end of winter.

The city says if you’re having issues with your landlord you should call 311.

The city will send a code inspector to investigate and if there’s a code violation, the property owner could face fees or even go to court.

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