KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Yet another incident has surfaced involving former Kansas City Chief Kareem Hunt allegedly attacking someone.

The latest updates that we are getting are from a Kansas City police report. Hunt's name is listed in the document.

This tells only one side, that of the 37-year-old man who police say had a broken rib and nose, allegedly from a fight at a nightclub in the Power and Light District in January.

The man says it was 2 a.m. on Jan. 7 when he was attacked at Mosiac, but he waited until Jan. 11, telling police he didn’t want to report it, but his dad convinced him to do so.

TMZ obtained video of the incident, which shows Hunt being restrained by a security guard as a crowd is gathered around.

He says it started when he stuck up for a friend getting shoved. It was not just a one-way fight.

He says a man named George Atkinson, punched him in the arm. Atkinson was on the Chiefs practice squad. The victim then went one step further, punching Atkinson in the face.

After he punched Atkinson, he says a large group came after him, beating him pretty badly.

To quote the police report, he said “...suspects appeared from ‘all over’ and ‘jumped him’ as he fell to the ground.”

He said he was “...struck on his body and head multiple times...” with the “...majority of blows being kicks...”

He says Kareem Hunt was among the group of up to eight men who beat him for punching Atkinson. The victim recognized the athletes but couldn’t identify the others.

The club kicked out the man who was beaten. We don’t know if the club kicked out the athletes and the others as well.

Police say they eventually let it drop because the man who was beaten told them he didn’t want to pursue it.

He admits he was drunk.

It’s not clear if they contacted Hunt for his side of the story before dismissing the matter.

KCTV5 tried reaching the victim and the friend he was with but so far no return calls.

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