Kansas man convicted of killing 6 people up for parole

Danny Crump

A Kansas family is asking the state not to grant parole to a man who killed six people nearly four decades ago.

Dozens of people joined them at Kansas City, KS. City Hall to ask the parole board to keep Danny Crump behind bars.

"We've been here four times," said Randy Foster. "He's been in jail 38 years."

Foster was an infant when six members of his family died in an explosion, among them his mother Diane.

The bomb had been made and sent by Crump, who was later convicted of six counts of first-degree murder.

State law at the time allowed Crump to seek parole after only 15 years. He has become parole eligible several times over the past few decades, including this year.

"For him to be considered for parole several times in that short amount of time is horrendous," Foster said. "Someone of his nature should not be released at all."

Since then, laws have changed to keep those convicted of first-degree murder from qualifying for parole so easily.

Foster and others say their family shouldn't have to make trip so often.

The parole board will announce their decision in August.

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