Kansas City Zoo vets treating Nikita for tummy bug

Nikita sleeps in his sandy pit on June 5

The Kansas City Zoo's rock star is sick, so he's getting some TLC behind the scenes.

"Nikita is a bit under the weather so he's resting in his behind-the-scenes bedroom," said Julie Neemeyer, spokeswoman for the Kansas City Zoo.

Nikita apparently has a tummy bug.

"He is being closely monitored and treated by our professional veterinary and keeper staff for an intestinal upset. Gastrointestinal medication is being provided along with a bland diet of boiled beef. Nikita will remain in his comfortable behind the scenes bedroom until he is back to his mischievous self," Zoo director Randy Wisthoff said on the zoo's Facebook page.

Nikita was out at times on Sunday on the Nikita Cam at KCTV5.com, but he didn't seem to be his usual boisterous swimming machine self.

By evening, Berlin was out but Nikita wasn't in his usual snoozing spot in his sandy pit.

"Berlin has the entire Polar Bear Passage to herself so please continue to watch Berlin on the web cam or visit her at the Zoo," Neemeyer said.

Zoo keepers on Monday coaxed Berlin into the water by tossing in treats. The water-averse bear finally swam in to scoop them up before making graceful circles.

She retreated indoors when heavy rains came for a brief period Monday afternoon. Berlin and Nikita mated this spring, but it will be several months before it's known whether she will have cubs or not.

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