A woman in the Waldo neighborhood of Kansas City believes her dog was intentionally poisoned.

Shannon Broderick said she filed a police report on Tuesday.

On Monday morning, she walked into her backyard with her dog. Instead of normally heading toward the door, the dog ran directly to a spot where she discovered something weird.

“I literally just scooped it up before he was about to take a bite out of it," she said. "I looked at it in my hand, thinking wow, this is really weird. It’s a fresh burger and what is inside. There’s all these pellets that are stuffed inside of it.”

While she waited for police to show up, she searched online and now believes someone tried to feed her dog meat that was stuffed with rat poison.

An animal control officer came out on Tuesday to investigate.

“I’ve never had a problem with any of my neighbors," she said. "I’ve never had a noise complaint. I’ve never had a letter saying that the dog was barking too much.”

She says she's spoken with her neighbors and everyone has been supportive.

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