Kansas City police warn of aggressive panhandlers, recommend donating money to organizations


Kansas City police say they are responding to more complaints about aggressive and potentially dangerous panhandlers.

Officer Bill Keeney, Shoal Creek Community Interaction Officer for the Kansas City Police Department, said there are a number of agencies in Kansas City dedicated to helping the homeless.

Keeney also said one panhandler he spoke with made $800 in a single day.

"One panhandler that I actually stopped and he was aggressively stepping into traffic, getting argumentative even with me," Keeney said. "I told him you're the one in traffic, you're impeding the flow. This is dangerous, this is a ticket. And he said you can take me to jail. He pulls out about $800 and says I make this in one day."

During Thursday's meeting, Keeney also shared another story about three people out raising money with a picture of a loved one who just died.

He Googled the name and found the guy had died three years ago and was likely no relation of the people raising money.

If you're interested in helping out the homeless, the department recommends donating to agencies set up to assist the homeless.

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