KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV) -- Police from one jurisdiction say a Kansas City officer held her children hostage at a hotel in KCK.

Tuesday, they are with family members after a long standoff with some of her co-workers and other law enforcement agencies.

Police say she had a crisis.

For 24-hours, police stayed outside a hotel, even the bomb squad was on standby.

Guests on the third floor were evacuated while negotiators tried to reason with one of their own. A psychiatrist says the overwhelming stress on this officer may have triggered this situation.

A hotel forced to lock down in KCK while officers from multiple law enforcement agencies move in.

KCK police say, a mother suffering from a crisis locked herself and children inside a hotel room and refused to come out.

It was later revealed that mother is a 22-year veteran with Kansas City, Missouri police.

“What is it like when I see these incidents when I see evidence of failure to provide resources to our members? I’ll be honest it’s heartbreaking,” said Dr. Saz Madison, Psychiatrist.

Dr. Saz Madison is a Psychiatrist with a history of work in the mental health industry. His primary clients are police departments around the metro.

KCPD recently hired him, but he hasn’t worked with the department yet. The challenge for him on the job is putting an end to perceived stigmas.

“Strength isn’t convincing ourselves that expose to trauma is not traumatic. Strength is recognizing that and determining to do something about it,” explained Madison.

Madison says law enforcement officers face high rates of depression PTSD, burnout, and other anxiety related mental health conditions.

Madison feels a responsibility to help the men and women who serve and protect.

“You go wait, you mean making sure they are engaging in good time management, making sure they are taking time away to make sure they are citizens of the citizenry that they serve, you mean to tell me making sure they sleep well, eat well, exercise. Yes, I am telling you all of those things have a direct and significant impact,” voiced Madison.

KCPD says that officer was no longer on the streets. She’s been on desk duty since May.

She was taken to a local hospital.

The district attorney will determine if she will face charges.

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