Kansas City gypsy with criminal past tells people they are 'cursed'

Nancy Marks threw a coat over her face and drove off when our investigative team tried to speak with her outside the shop where she works. We left a business card so she could contact us and offer her side the story. (KCTV5)

Nancy Marks is a convicted criminal who claims to have “psychic powers.”

An undercover KCTV5 News investigation revealed she’s still telling people they are "cursed," but she is evading prosecution by carefully avoiding what got her in trouble in the past.

One grieving mother says Marks showed up unannounced at her front door.

“I think she had been watching. I really do. How weird that they would show up in that moment one instance when I am alone?” said Monique.

Monique opened the door because there were two people on her porch -- a young woman she recognized as her son’s co-worker and Marks claimed to be the young woman’s “spiritual godmother.” That woman said her name was Rita.

“She kept saying how much she felt his presence and that she felt like his loss was my fault,” said Monique.

“What did you say when she said that?” asked KCTV5’s Angie Ricono.

“I just cried,” said Monique.

Monique says she was informed her son was trying to help the poor cursed co-worker who needed cash.

“How could anyone with a heart ever take advantage of someone who is grieving in that capacity. It was just shocking, just shocking,” said Monique.

The charade ended when Monique’s husband came home and wondered what a psychic was doing in his living room. Marks was shown the door.

“Did you call the police?” asked Ricono.

“Yes, but because they didn't say we need you to give us this amount of money ... no crime was committed so there was nothing that could be done,” said Monique

Monique’s family Googled for information wondering who could be so rotten?

They quickly found an old KCTV5 News story about “spiritual godmother Rita.” Her real name is Marks. They claim it is the same person and even provided home security video to KCTV5’s investigative unit.

Marks criminal past

Marks was busted in Missouri for stealing property by deceit in the mid-1980s.

Court documents show Marks went by “Sister Nancy.” She told a couple they were cursed and “that their baby would be born blind and that Kathie would die during childbirth.”

The family told the courts that Marks eventually drained them of $150,000 fighting those evil spirits.

Marks was sentenced to seven years in prison. She appealed that conviction arguing the police detective wasn’t an expert when it came to burning money, bloody yolks in eggs and what the inside of a tomato could reveal about a person’s future. She lost that appeal.

Marks was more recently convicted in Kansas of theft by deception.

In 2010, the accuser told KCTV5 she went to a shop on Wornall Road looking for spiritual guidance.

"The session actually ended by her convincing me that I had a curse on me and some evil spirit that was brought on my family and me when I was little and it's going stick around and not ever let me have peace in my life and be passed to my children," said the accuser.

The woman claimed Marks needed cash and the amount quickly escalated.

“She even brought up things like would you rather pay $70,000 for this or pay for the funeral of a loved one?" said the accuser.

Marks was convicted in September 2010 and sentenced to six months in jail and forced to pay back the money.

KCTV5 goes undercover

KCTV5 sent a producer undercover after receiving another complaint about Marks. Our producer went to a shop on Wornall Road and met a person who goes by the name “Chrissy.”

Amanda was told her “root chakra," or self-esteem, was off.

“You used to be a fighter but now you are not,” said Chrissy.

Amanda was told the good news that this was something Chrissy could fix.

“I would need your full complete name, your date of birth. You would have to do exactly what I need you to do OK? But I do charge $75 for this,” said Chrissy.

Our producer wrote her information in the book.

Amanda was told to write down her dreams and return to the shop. When Amanda returned, Marks was there.

It’s unclear if Marks tapped into her psychic abilities or used the power of Google. But somehow, she knew all about Amanda.

Nancy: "What kind of business are you doing right now?"

Amanda: "I'm in media."

Nancy: "What kind of media?"

Amanda: "Media production."

Nancy: "OK, like for TV?"

Amanda: "Mmm hmmm."

Nancy: "For channel 5?"

Amanda: "Yes, I work for channel 5."

Another KCTV5 crew found Marks at the Johnson County Fair where unsuspecting people received readings from a convicted criminal. She warns people no pictures because they “harm spiritual energy.” But within minutes, she was on her cell phone.

KCTV5 ask Marks for a response

Marks threw a coat over her face and drove off when our investigative team tried to speak with her outside the shop where she works. We left a business card so she could contact us and offer her side the story.

We have not received a statement.

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