A Kansas City councilwoman was in a lengthy confrontation with police when they tried to tow her car.

Alissia Canady, who represents the city's 5th District, sits on the ethics committee and public safety. Her car had expired tags on Wednesday afternoon.

Police dashcam video obtained by KCTV5 News shows a simple tow job turn into a mess. Canady's car was hooked up to a tow truck and elevated. She then climbed in and even started the engine.

"I'm asking you to give me consideration," the voice of Canady could be heard on the video.

Four officers were eventually called as she told police she was going to make calls. Twenty minutes pass as police try to manage Canady who won't step out of the vehicle as asked.

"If I was in this car now, I would lose my job with the way you are acting," an officer said to Canady.

Officers explain the tow is in progress, and there is procedure and could actually get in trouble.

"It is black and white for us. It's policy. That's how it has to happen," another officer said.

"If that was you or me, I'd be in cuffs. They'd Tazer me, possibly put me in a van and gone," said John Murphy is with Citizens for Responsible Government. "I'm more important that you are. You aren't going to enforce the law on me because I'm special. I got elected to office so laws don't apply to me. That's nonsense."

KCTV5 spoke to Canady on Friday, asking her if she mentioned to police she was a city councilwoman.

"Yeah, not only am I an attorney, I am a city councilperson, and so I do know what the ordinance does permit and not permit," she said.

Canady also explained she turned on the car because it was hot. She calls a tow over expired tags an extreme response, and she's checking the law.

"I have checked with the legal department. It does not require for expired tags," she said.

The Kansas City Police Department says it's clear in municipal code that officers can tow cars with expired tags. They point out the tags on the vehicle expired in May.

Canady's vehicle now has updated tags.

KCTV5's Jeff Roberts contributed to this report.

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