Kansas City among lowest in nation for vaccination rates

Kansas City is among the lowest in the nation for vaccination rates. (AP)

Kansas City is among the lowest in the nation for vaccination rates.

The Kansas City Health Department says something needs to change, and we could start with state law.

"The states that don't have these philosophical and religious exemptions have much higher participation," said Dr. Rex Archer, director of the Kansas City Health Department.

Archer says he's tired of people ignoring the science of vaccinations, like not vaccinating your children to child abuse - of not only your child but the children they’re around. He even recently tweeted those parents should help pick up the tab for the hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage the outbreaks cause.

Archer would also like to make it harder to not vaccinate, suggesting those parents do some community service since they’re letting their community down, or, at the very least, if they opt out they have to go down to the health department for some education on the topic.

“If a parent has a put in at least as much effort to not vaccinate their kids as vaccinate their kids and we know that there actually maybe not doing it for some reason other then they're just too busy or lazy or whatever," he said.

He warns parents measles isn’t just a rash. It’s a serious disease we should’ve eradicated by now -- one that can cause brain damage or even death.

If you have not been immunized against the measles, and you are exposed, it is mandatory for you to miss 21 days of work and your child to miss 21 days of school.

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