KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) – Lamonte McIntrye is finally being acknowledged and compensated for his wrongful conviction, but it comes more than two years following his release from prison.

McIntyre and his legal team say justice will be complete when responsible parties are held accountable.

“You know, it’s disturbing to me we don’t have systematic review to look at why things happen and to correct them,” attorney Cheryl Pilate said. “This needs to be an all hands-on deck effort because there’s a lot to look at.”

Case facts

On April 15, 1994, Donald Ewing and Doniel Quinn were killed in Kansas City, Kansas, in broad daylight. A gunman approached their car with a shotgun and murdered them.


McIntyre didn’t even know the victims and had an alibi. There also was no physical evidence connecting him to the crime.

However, the case was closed in 6 hours. Somehow, McIntyre ended up on a lineup along with his brother and cousin. The traditional 6-pack of police line up only contained 5 photos.


McIntyre’s legal team revealed terrible allegations concerning KCK police detective Roger Golubski.

They say Golubski was a predator who shook down drug dealers and sexually abused black women in KCK, with Lamonte’s own mother having stepped forward saying she is one of the victims.

Rosie McIntrye was ready to testify in open court when the prosecutor dropped the charges against her son, freeing Lamonte McIntyre after 23 years in prison.

McIntrye’s legal team also has serious allegations against the prosecutor who tried the original case decades ago, Terra Morehead. Morehead is accused of pressuring witnesses to testify and suppressing other statements which would have helped McIntyre. Court records paint a picture of a prosecutor who wanted to win at any cost.


The lack of investigation and accountability for both Morehead and Golubski baffles the lead attorney for the Midwest Innocence Project.

“This was people’s lives. She’s still practicing law and handling cases that cannot be!” Tricia Bushnell said, “When one officer does the things what we know Golubski did, it’s not something that happened in a vacuum. There’s an entire culture that needs to be accounted for.”

It’s unclear how many cases Golubski touched. He worked for the department for decades and was eventually promoted to captain before he retired, qualifying for a pension. His former partner became the police chief in the department.


Jim McCloskey, the founder of a non-profit organization called Centurion Ministries who says its mission is to vindicate the wrongfully convicted, put the McIntyre case into perspective in open court, calling it the most troubling case he’s seen across the nation in decades. He called Golubski the most corrupt cop.

Both Morehead and Golubski have consistently declined to comment to KCTV5 News regarding the allegations.

Fight for accountability

McIntyre recently sat down with the KCTV5 News investigative team and openly discussed his struggles.

“It’s always bigger than me. I’m gonna go away. There will be another Lamonte McIntyre sitting in front of you saying the same thing if we don’t do nothing about it,” he said. “Now that you are free what do you do? Two years later, I’m struggling with all sorts of stuff- anxiety and nightmares. All these things keep coming up over and over.”

McIntyre points out no one really got justice in the end. Justice doesn’t end in zeros on a compensation check.

“It’s hurtful to people on both sides. You’ve got the victim’s family and my family. No one is getting what they need,” McIntyre said.

Doniel Quinn’s mother, Saundra Newsom, previously told KCTV5 News that KCK police took days to even inform her that her son was murdered. When Detective Roger Golubski showed up at her door, he asked her if she dated white women.

“When we leave people like this guy to be responsible for investigating to find the right person, and he does it in six hours? That's disgusting. That's an insult. And everyone who had a hand in this, it's on your head too. One thing I do know, God is not sleeping, he's not sleeping,” Newsom said.

McIntyre is rebuilding his life. He’s married, co-owns a barber shop and founded his own innocence project, Miracle of Innocence. He describes his life as something that looks good on paper.


He’s still haunted by injustice.

“They should be held accountable period,” McIntyre said. “we are going to be having the same conversation. Unless we change. Unless we hold those responsible accountable. Yeah.”

Two men from our area know what it’s like to be wrongfully convicted and spend decades behind bars. They’ve rebuilt their lives after being freed and exonerated but starting over is only the beginning. For more information, visit this page: https://www.miracleofinnocence.org

Investigation continues

KCTV5 News reached out to the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, which has previously acknowledged an investigation into former Golubski. A spokesperson sent this response:

We are unable to share specifics related to the case at this time, but the investigation remains ongoing.The most visible efforts for justice still come from McIntyre’s legal team who continue to track down allegations concerning key players. A civil suit is underway.


KCTV5 News has also been contacted by families who echo similar allegations of corruption involving the KCK police department.

The Wyandotte County District Attorney’s office formed a conviction integrity unit following McIntyre’s release. An office spokesperson said law prevents them from answering if any other cases involving Golubski are currently being reviewed.

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ARECKONING(a combination of justice plus payback), is not that difficult to achieve. All it takes is a few dedicated/determined citizens that have integrity, principles, a moral-imperative, and strong wills and strong determination, and a cursory knowledge of guerilla warfare tactics. Some pre-arranged evening, these perps(all involved, police personnel and heirachy, prosecutor(s), etc., etc., etc.,) can be encountered, apprehended, a large can of Medieval opened, and administered with extreme prejudice. It's not complicated; and I guarantee it.

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