Independence man charged with list of unspeakable child sex crimes

Morgan Lee Littleton

An Independence man is charged with unspeakable crimes against a child.

Jackson County prosecutors have filed a list of sex charges against 31-year-old Morgan Lee Littleton. The list includes four counts of first-degree statutory sodomy, two counts of sexual exploitation of a minor child and four counts of second-degree domestic assault.

According to court records, Littleton had deviate sexual intercourse with a 12-year-old child on multiple occasions between November 2012 and April 28. The victim told an official with the Child Protection Center the sexual assaults happened about two times per week over the course of months.

According to court documents, at one point he demanded the very hungry child provide him with sex in exchange for food. When the victim cried and said he was hurting her, he told her to "deal with it."

Women living in the home with Littleton said some of the sexual assaults were videotaped.

"Anytime someone experiences trauma, sexual trauma, some level of it stays with them most of their life," psychotherapist Susan Howard-Perry said.

Howard-Perry has not worked with the young victim in this case but has worked with sexual assault victims in the past.

She says the long-term effects of abuse like this can be devastating.

"They're scared more times than not. They've been threatened to remain quiet and not tell anyone. It's really hard for them to verbalize it," she said.

Court records also said two women who lived in his Independence home said Littleton assaulted them, including slapping, slamming one against a wall, grabbing and squeezing one woman's throat and threatening to kill them and bury them in the backyard. One of the women said she was slapped and another had a lit cigarette thrown into her face because there was no sugar in Littleton's coffee.

Detectives spoke to a nurse at the hospital where the victims were taken, who said, according to court documents, that the women referred to Littleton as "Master" and are beaten if they used his real name.

While being interviewed, Littleton told detectives he engages in BDSM - bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism and masochism - with the adults he lived with, but he denied sexually assaulting the child. When detectives showed him the videotaped evidence, according to court records, he asked for an attorney.

Prosecutors requested a cash bond of $500,000.

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