Rewards doubled for useful tips in Kansas City homicides


Sometimes one lead can make the difference when it comes to catching a killer or solving some other crime.

Sometimes, the only way to get that lead is with cash, and higher rewards are paying off.

Crime Stoppers said that, over the past couple of years, they’ve seen an increase in the number of tips coming in. Now they’re hoping the growth will continue with more money available for helping to solve certain crimes.

With an app and a partnership to add more money to their pockets, Crime Stoppers said they’re seeing a bump in the number of tips coming in.

“We have seen an increase,” Detective Kevin Boehm said. “We've bumped up to a high of 4,700 tips during the calendar year. So, we continue to grow that. We certainly would love to see as much information as the people want to provide to us.”

Boehm said that, historically, on average they’ve only seen around 4,000 calls.

While the bump may not seem significant to some, he hopes those numbers will continue to increase. Especially with more money now in the mix for serious crimes.

Up until last year, the max amount of money Crime Stoppers individually could give was $2,000.

Boehm said, “$2,000, to me, that's pretty significant amount. $5,000, to me, that's a good amount to come forward. Not have to give your name, but just provide information that hopefully solves a crime and, you know, puts someone else’s family at ease at least for awhile.”

“We hope that if some of them are motivated by money, that's why we provide the money option,” he said. “You're not necessarily going to get rich off of it, but it's a motivator that hopefully will allow you to come forward and provide that information.”

Crime Stoppers has already paid out that first tip from the new money to help solve homicides in Kansas City, Missouri. That money is from a partnership with the KCPD and pays up to $5,000.

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