HARRISONVILLE, MO. (KCTV) -- A Harrisonville High School student's joke has landed him in jail - charged with a felony - in a case that all school students and parents could learn from.

According to documents filed in Cass County, the 18-year-old student became angry about trouble with a math problem, stood up, put his hands to his head like this, mouthed the word ‘boom,’ as he pulled the fake trigger, then said, ‘I’m going to be a school shooter.’

It happened at the district’s alternative high school last week.

The teacher said, “You know I have to report this.”

The student replied he was just joking. There were nine students in the class.

Court records say two looked remarkably uncomfortable and another responded, “Whoah, that’s too far.”

The charge against the teen is second-degree terrorist threat, a low level felony but a felony nonetheless.

“Whether you’re joking or not, it’s something that we as law-enforcement, the community, the school district, has to take serious," said Harrisonville Police Department Lt. Chris Osterberg. “Students today and down the road in the future need to understand that we cannot joke about this without there being consequences.”

The Harrisonville School District said in a statement that they “take any threat to student or staff safety very seriously - whether it occurs on social media, in conversation, as writing on a bathroom wall, or in any other format.”

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