Four people were killed and four others were injured after a police chase ended in a violent crash on Friday. Now, a 24-year-old woman is facing charges.

Victoria M. Brown has been charged with three counts of second-degree murder and one count of resisting a lawful stop.

Prosecutors have requested a cash bond of $250,000.

Initially, three people died in the crash. According to the Jackson County Prosecutor, a fourth person died since the crash happened and the complaint was filed, so additional charges may be filed.

Police were called at 3:50 p.m. to East 23rd Street and Television Place, an area just east of Interstate 435.

Investigators said that's where an Independence police chase ended in Kansas City.

That chase began at 23rd and Maywood, less than two miles from where the crash happened.

Independence police said they starting chasing the Jeep because it matched the description of a vehicle that was stolen. They said they were behind a Jeep briefly, then they lost sight of it when it went around a sharp bend. After that, they saw the wreck.

The Jeep had crossed the intersection and hit a Dodge Avenger, knocking it off the road and turning it over.

One woman in the blue Jeep was killed and three people inside that vehicle were injured. Initially, two people were killed and two people were hurt in the silver Dodge, which the police were not chasing.

As previously noted, a fourth person has died since the initial crash. That person has been identified as Anthony A. Belton Jr., 24 of Kansas City. He was a rear seat passenger in the Dodge.

The two people in the Dodge who initially died have been identified as 29-year-old Aaron C. Daniel and 30-year-old Shawn Johnson. Both men were from Kansas City, Missouri.

The person in the Jeep who died was Amanda Perry, a 27-year-old woman from Independence.

Family: Aaron Daniel brought smiles, hardworking

People who knew Aaron Daniel and others who died in the crash have been stopping by during the weekend with flowers.

On their way home to Omaha, Daniel's family stopped by and shared some memories of the man they lost.

"I loved him so dearly," Marion Bailey. "He could always make me smile."

Marion Bailey and her mother, Wyndy Williams, stopped at the place he was killed Friday afternoon by a driver fleeing from police in a stolen car at a high speed.

"It gives me an understanding," Williams said. "I've only seen the pictures from the television of what took place. He was my only son - my favorite son. Everything that happens happens for a reason. But I want no mother to ever have to go through this."

Daniel's family say they are planning a funeral for him in St. Louis on June 11.

Chase policies debated

There has been a long debate about the pros and cons of police chases. People question whether catching a suspect is worth potentially causing reckless driving or a crash.

Some departments prohibit chasing cars that simply come back as stolen, where the crime was not violent.

The Independence Police Department said that, for them, determining whether to chase is a case-by-case evaluation that's made by a sergeant or higher-ranking supervisor.

“Our chase policy allows us to pursue confirm stolen vehicles up until the officers can determine that they need to continue or disengage," said Officer Luis Virgil.

One of those factors that is considered is traffic. The chase went west, and police said traffic is typically light in that direction at the time of day the chase happened.

On Friday, they didn't have much time to make that decision, based off where the chase started and ended.

If one is following the speed limit, driving that two miles takes four minutes. Friday's chase was considered to be "high-speed" at one point, so officers had less than a minute.

Independence police will be investigating the chase and the Kansas City police will be investigating the crash because it happened within their city limits.

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