A husband and wife could soon face charges after investigators seized more than 100 animals from a suspected cockfighting operation.

More than 100 birds and 13 dogs have been rescued in an alleged cockfighting ring.

Animal health officers and police executed a search warrant Wednesday in the 2400 block of Cypress Avenue.

An animal control worker heard chickens while answering another call in the area and investigated.

A source says an officer noticed evidence of cockfighting including dietary supplements, training tools for endurance and stamina, antibiotics to treat injured animals and devices known as gaffs or slashers

“They are a sharp metal instrument that attach to the spurs of the roosters," said James Donovan, a special investigator for the Kansas City Animal Health and Public Safety.

Neighbors say they never heard animals fighting, but did hear roosters crowing which is unusual in their east Kansas City neighborhood.

Officers would not say if any cockfights took place at the property or if they were only raised and trained at the home and the fights took place at another location.

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