Hundreds of old employee photos found at Johnson County Sheriff’s Office

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A recent discovery at the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office is preserving pieces of history.

They discovered hundreds of photos of employees dating back to the 1940s and 50s, and they hope to reunite the photos with families.

Employees were searching an old closet inside the operations building when they found hundreds of old photos of past employees.

The photos include hiring dates and ID cards for those who served as deputies, reserves, and civilians at the sheriff’s office.

If anyone would like their old employee photo, they can contact the sheriff’s office to see if their photo was discovered.

If you are a survivor of someone who has passed and would like the sheriff’s office to check and see if they have your loved one’s picture, they will look and provide it if possible.

Interested families can stop by to pick them up photos in person or ask the sheriff’s office to mail them.

“This is a former deputy,” said Claire Canaan, Johnson County Sheriff's Office Deputy. “He passed away many, many years ago when his daughter was just 6 years old. We were able to locate his daughter on Facebook. Reached out to her and said, ‘Hey, would you be interested in these pictures? Would you like these photos?’ She was really excited because they don't have a lot of pictures of him with the sheriff's office. She thought it would be really cool to share with her kids and her mom.”

If any former employees or family members of former employees have historical mementos that they’d like to donate to sheriff’s office, those items can be added to the sheriff’s office history files.

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