A viral video appears to show an Indiana high school student faking a seizure to mock a basketball player who has epilepsy.

The clip was posted to Twitter after Friday night's game between Cathedral High School and Center Grove in Greenwood, Indiana. 

Cathedral High School senior James Franklin Jr. was shooting a free throw when a fan from the opposing school dropped to the floor and began shaking while flopping around like a fish out of water. Franklin said he also heard other students yell "have another seizure for me" during the game.

"It didn't hit me at first,"  Franklin told WISH-TV. "Like last night it didn't hit me. But this morning, I woke up and was thinking hard and had a lot on my mind and started crying a lot. I cried... I'm still really down about this."

Franklin has suffered multiple seizures since eighth-grade because of his epilepsy. He also underwent brain surgery last August to treat his condition.

His mother, Tamieka Franklin, said the student seen in the video apologized after the game, but it didn't seem sincere. 

"One of the parents had gone and gotten the kid and was like 'Hey, that was not acceptable... do you know what he's been through?' The kid was like 'Oh yeah, I'm sorry,'" the mom said. 

Tamieka told the station the taunting from Center Grove didn't start with her son. She said another fan pasted a photo of a Cathedral player's mother on his belly, and exposed it while the player was shooting free throws.

"They did their research," she said. "When I saw the first thing with the mother on the stomach, I thought 'Wow, they really kind of cut really deep.' It was way past the line when they did that. Then when I saw the guy flop on the ground, I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. But when you go away from the players and you start attacking their character and their disabilities, that's way past the line."

Center Grove issued the following statement Saturday:

"We are working collaboratively with the administrative staff and athletic department at Cathedral to address these issues. Our goal is to always create an environment where sportsmanship and quality competition can thrive. We do not condone any behavior intended to mock, disparage or humiliate any player or student."

The Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) also acknowledged the "unfortunate incident," saying school administrators are addressing the matter and "will use this as a learning experience."

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