Hemp oil products seized from Johnson County business


A Mission business owner says a detective seized thousands of dollars worth of CBD hemp oil products from his store on Johnson Drive.

The manufacturer of the product says its 100 percent legal to sell in all 50 states and shouldn't be confiscated.

Mystic owner Eddie Smith says he talked to the Mission police chief before selling CBD hemp oil inside this store that he opened at the end of October.

Smith says a chiropractor introduced him to CBD American Shaman, which is a dietary supplement made from industrial hemp oil.

"It helped me with arthritis, it helped me with anxiety," he said. "The people that come in and buy it I hear anything from Crone's, to irritable bowel, multiple sclerosis."

Last Friday afternoon, he says a Mission police detective asked him about the product inside his store.

"I asked him if he wanted to buy some and he said, 'no he is here to confiscate it.' He wasn't mean. He wasn't rude," smith said.

Smith says the detective seized about $3,000-$4000 worth of products. He now has empty bottles on display.

"It's 40-50 percent of my income," Smith

Smith says the detective told him police previously bought the product from him, tested it and found it had THC.

Vince Sanders the CEO of CBD American Shaman says the small amounts of THC in his products are under the legal limit.

"As long as it comes from industrial hemp and it has been grown in a legal venue, and it has under .3% THC then it's legal.

Sanders' attorney contacted the mayor of Mission, the police chief and the officer who seized the products.

"His position was any element of THC is illegal in Kansas which is just inaccurate," Pickett said. "CBD is completely legal and excluded from the marijuana law as defined by the fed and by the state of Kansas."

Smith hopes to get his products back.

"I don't want any trouble I just want to fit in with the community," he said. "I've lived here for 22 years," Smith

KCTV5 contacted the Mission Police Department to ask about the investigation and are waiting to hear back.

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