RAYMORE, MO (KCTV)-- Home surveillance cameras capture armed thieves breaking into vehicles around the metro, they even ransacked an unmarked police car to steal guns.

Officers with the illegal firearms squad in KCMO helped catch two men who are now facing federal charges accused of stealing from victims in Clay, Jackson, Leavenworth and Wyandotte counties on both sides of the state line.

The family says they will no longer leave garage door openers inside their cars.

They already had a home security system but after this crime, they’ve added more cameras.

After discovering his truck doors were left open, a father reviewed his home security video. At first, he saw thieves hop into his truck in Raymore and rummage for valuables. He asked us to conceal his identity because of what the criminals stole.

“At that point I realized they had taken my garage door opener out of my car and opened my garage and went into my garage with guns,” said the father who had his care broken into.

The dad can’t help but think about what could have happened next.

“Just the sheer fear if I had opened the door or if they would have come into the home. The fact that we didn't hear it all and we were in the room asleep,” the father continued.

His cameras showed the thieves went down the street and broke into a neighbor’s car. He had no clue investigators believe the same thieves that targeted his family ransacked an unmarked police car.

“They were trying to snatch and grab and get wherever they could and leave,” voiced the father.

Federal court records do not say which department the officer worked but they do reveal the thieves stole a Glock with a weapon mounted light, an AR-15, a shotgun and two Tasers from a police car.

Investigators reviewed surveillance video from around the metro and discovered the same two vehicles were being used as get away cars during car break-ins.

They tracked the vehicles to a home off 77th Street in Kansas City and served a search warrant. Leronte Swinton and Carvon Brown were charged after officers say they found guns stolen from the police car and other stolen weapons inside the home.

The family in Raymore is thankful for extra patrols in the neighborhood after suspects violated their sense of security.

“It was just complete terror that you witness, and you were footsteps away from it,” expressed the father.

Swinton and Brown were arrested on December 3rd when officers served the search warrant.

Federal charges were filed the next day.

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