Sadness is turning into outrage as friends and family are demanding answers about a 3-year-old boy's death.

Amorian Hale was shot and killed while sleeping in his own home. It happened Sunday morning when someone shot into his house more than 20 times. Now, four days later, there are new tips, but no solid answers as to who is ultimately responsible.

Wednesday evening the grieving family held a vigil for young Amorian. Dozens gathered, including Amorian's mother, who spoke out for the first time about her son's death.

Wednesday is Amorian's mother's birthday and she spent it remembering her son and calling for an end to senseless shootings.

"My baby's gone and it's my first born. You know, you never experienced that love until you have your first baby and then after you have your first baby, there's no love like that, no love like that,” Monee McKinney said.

McKinney fought through her heartbreak to find the words, but no words can truly describe a mother's grief.

“A lot of pain, a lot of anger and a lot of hurt,” she said.

While police continue their search for his killer, the family is leaning on each other and the community for support and demanding justice.

Those showing support for the family gathered in front of the house where Amorian was killed in a drive-by shooting.

Mothers who've lost their own children were also there, calling for the senseless shootings to stop.

“I'm upset. I'm to the point where I don't think I can cry anymore,” said Charity Guinn. “It's been maybe every other month kids have been dying. I'm fed up I'm sick of it. This has to stop right now.”

Guinn's 6-year-old daughter Angel Hooper was shot and killed in October. She and the other mothers said, with every new young person's death, they grieve all over again.

"I lost my oldest son to a drive-by shooting 22 years ago and I have not slept since this baby was shot on Sunday morning. People don't realize the hurt that comes with these drive-by shootings. I have these open wounds and every time another child is shot, salt is poured into my wounds," Lawanda Davis said.

They don't want any other family to lose an innocent child like they have.

“Whoever did that didn't have to do it. They didn't have to do it to my house. They didn't have to do that to my baby,” McKinney said.

The memorial for Amorian is continually growing with people dropping off balloons, stuffed animal and cards.

There will also be a march for Justice for Amorian Sunday at 4 p.m. It'll start and end at 67th and Walrond streets, the location of the shooting. It will take place every Sunday until his killer is caught.

At last check, 26 more tips have come in since a reward for information leading to an arrest was raised Tuesday to $2,500. Chopper5 flew over the area of East 46th Street and Agnes Avenue Tuesday when officers pulled out a suspect from underneath a porch.

KCTV5 sources say he was linked to "something big" and we're still working to find out if that could include any connection to the toddler's death.

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