The Great Plains SPCA has opened their doors to dogs saved from a South Korean dog farm.

“And we were able to take nine of them,” said Jacob Meyer, an employee at the Great Plains SPCA. “Possibly going to be beaten and eaten.”

This past week, Great Plains SPCA partnered with Humane Society International to rescue 50 dogs from a meat farm in South Korea.

Nine of those dogs were flown to Kansas City and welcomed with open arms by the Great Plains SPCA staff and volunteers.

The dogs are currently receiving medical care, nutrition, and socialization from their staff at both shelter locations.

Meyer says the dogs don’t show signs of abuse, but their living conditions were horrific.

“Possibly going to be beaten and eaten," Meyer said.

Meyer recognizes the cultural differences but says it’s important to keep working for change.

“A lot of us would like to find a happy medium because dogs are companion animals, you know. We’ve bred and raised them over hundreds of years to be our best friends not our meals,” he said.

If you have questions about adopting one of these dogs, contact the Great Plains SPCA.

You can play an important in this story with a donation toward their cost of care while they wait for a forever home. Click here for more.

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