The Grandview fire department is investigating an early morning house fire that sent three people to the hospital.

Fire officials say that they responded to a fire in the 13800 block of 10th Terrace shortly after midnight Saturday.

When they arrived, they saw heavy smoke and visible flames in the living room.

A Grandview police officer used a chair to break through a bedroom window to help one man out of the home.

Firefighters entered the front of the residence and rescued a man on the floor of a bedroom and an unconscious man on the floor of another bedroom.

The victims (a man, his son, and his roommate) suffered from smoke inhalation and lacerations. Two of them were taken to the hospital via ambulance and the third victim went to the hospital via private vehicle.

The man who was found unconscious is still recovering in the hospital as of 6 p.m. on Saturday.

Firefighters also found the family’s dog unresponsive on the floor of a bedroom. It was carried to the front lawn and regained consciousness after being given oxygen.

Officials say that no working smoke detectors were found in the home.

The house has now been boarded up.

A family friend stopped by the house on Saturday and told KCTV5 News that he was badly cut from trying to get out through a window. He said if it wasn't for a neighbor, things could have been much worse because the three people inside were trying to escape and couldn't call 911.

That neighbor, Josh Jenkins, was driving home from work when he saw a cloud of smoke drifting across the street. He initially thought it was fog or mist but then he realized what it was.

"It didn't smell right," he said. "It smelled like something that shouldn't be burning."

He saw flames and called 911. Then, he saw someone inside trying to escape.

"A guy in a front bedroom window broke out the window," he said.

Others living nearby had no idea their neighbor's home had caught fire.

"When I heard the fire trucks and looked out the window, I thought I saw smoke but I wasn't sure," said neighbor Pearly Davis.

Davis said that her neighborhood is the kind where people look out for one another.

As for Jenkins, it didn't even occur to him that he'd done anything remarkable until the next morning.

"I'm just glad I could be there, be in the right place at the right time to, you know, keep something from being more tragic," he said.

That man's quick thinking probably saved a life. He even took the family's dog home until a friend could take it to the vet.

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