Grain Valley mother sentenced after pet ferret chews off baby's fingers


A Grain Valley woman whose 4-month-old lost seven fingers to a pet ferret will spend two years on probation and spend 30 days in rehab.

This comes after she didn't show up for her trial Monday. A judge ordered that a warrant be issued for her arrest.

Carrie Waldo and her husband, Ryan Waldo, called 911 in January 2011 to report what had happened. The couple is accused of leaving their baby unsupervised, which allegedly caused the incident.

Police reports said the couple told police that Ryan Waldo was asleep upstairs and his wife was asleep on the couch next to the infant's baby rocker.

They said the infant's screams woke the mother, who found him covered in blood with several fingers missing.

Ryan Waldo told police that he awoke to the screams and discovered what the ferret had done. He said he caught the ferret and threw it against the dishwasher, killing the animal.

However, prosecutors later said that neither parent was home when the ferret attacked.

The infant was taken to an hospital because seven of his fingers required surgery to complete the amputation process because the ferret had chewed the fingers down to the knuckle.

The boy, now 2 years old, is doing fine now. He and his siblings are living with a relative.

Ryan Waldo pleaded guilty last March to second-degree child endangerment, a misdemeanor, avoiding possible prison time. He agreed that he would not see the child during a two-year probationary period.

The judge said he must also serve 40 hours of community service and complete parenting classes.

During the couple's probation, they were also ordered to have no contact with any children who had been living in the home at the time of the ferret attack.

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